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Insomnia is a sleep disorder that keeps you awake at night when everyone else is sound asleep. Or you may wake up two or three times in the night and have trouble going back to sleep. Insomnia can make you feel sleepy during the day. It can also make you feel tired, irritable and have problems concentrating on the task at hand. Don’t need to reach out to sleeping pills which has dangerous side effects – remember Michael Jackson who died taking sleeping pills. There are natural and safe remedies to help you get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed.


Fall Asleep is a natural blend of flower essences and homeopathic remedies that calms your mind and body and allows you to fall into a deep natural sleep. Just squirt a dropperful of this liquid remedy under your tongue every 15 min until you fall asleep. Comes in a glass bottle with a dropper. Price of Fall Asleep is $40.


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